The puppets’ Orchestra

jesus-victor-2Jesus and his brother Victor

thais-and-her-auntiesLittle Thais and her 2 aunts. Photo Jesus Atienza

=graceThe witch Grace in December 2016


grace-ji-min-2-06-12-16The witch Grace and the wizard JiMin2, in December 2016, 5 months after birth


20-2-17-donna-elviraDonna Elvira


15-02-17-princessThe princess




20-2-17-rabbitThe rabbit


sept-2016-ji-min-2-and-graceThe wizard JiMin2 and the witch Grace, first months


2016-baby-mouse-2Baby Joonky’s first steps


carmen-hairdresser-2Baby Joonky has grown and goes to the hairdresser’s

carmen-hairdresser-1Joonky is having his first haircut, and he likes that his hairdresser has pink hair like him.


jimmy-profileJoonky is satisfied with his haircut.


jimmy-undo-1Joonky is a hand puppet, so at night he undresses…


jimmy-baseJoonky’s base.


jimmy-head-handJoonky says Good night!


jimmy-backAnd Joonk goes to sleep.




sept-2016-ji-min-2-and-graceThe new baby mouse.


mouse-birdSome time later, with her friend the bird.


sept-2016-parfaitHis name is Parfait, as he was the first wizard to have the perfect smile.


sept-2016-babyThe baby.




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