From Paris I moved to New York in my twenties, during the post Keith Haring and Basquiat era, and I was immersed into the world of these daring and energetic images. I went to FIT and started painting, drawing comics and cartoons. Back in Europe in my thirties I worked as a decorative painter in London where I learned techniques I am still using today.

In my forties I rented a flat in Barcelona and listed the spare room on Airbnb. I could use the space to be creative and make my listing more successful. So I started working on the flat around the clock, first painting and doing collages on the walls, and then one blessed day, I took a piece of cardboard and turned it into a cylinder, and the first wizard was born! They are puppets made of cardboard and raffia mostly. They are also totems, for they protect the house, and they are good witches and wizards, for they bring happiness.

I know now that the long creative journey was to meet them. Some of them are small others are big, and they have all chosen my home as a landing place on earth. They are now the main focus of my life. By the end of 2017 we will be ready to present a show in a gallery. I am beginning to look around for the right fit, I am thinking London, but life has its surprises and we may end up in Tokyo!